Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Doing research

Today,we went back again to the computer lab 1 as well as yesterday.We did a research through the internet about Anorexia and then,research about bulimia today where our teacher,Ms.Sheena gave us questions.So,at least we have to answer a few questions.

I think overall there are 11 questions assigned.Anyway,the answers are quite long for sure.*sigh*
But,it is hard to change it to our own words since some are difficult to understand.

Ok.Till here first.(",)Sorry.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Gp lesson

All of us went to the computer lab 3 yesterday,15th November 2008.Ms.Sheena told us to read an article about health from the website called www.news.bbc.com if I am not mistaken.hehe

Alright,that is all for now.Sorry,it is a short post anyway.(^_^)Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Source of articles

Last week,my Gp teacher told us to write opinions about the article issues that we chose either in this blog or on paper.So,I decided to write in my blog.Those three articles below I got it from the website with one extra namely :

But,mostly I found the article in telegraph.co.uk.Anyway,it took me many days to write in which I need deeper thinking.*sigh*hehehe

Ms.Sheena told us the articles should be related to the topics like the environment,education,gender,crime & punishment,science & technology,art,food & health,family & marriage,mass media and sports.

I think that is all for today.Thanks for reading.

Oh,I almost forgot.For this week,all of us were given articles like advertising and obesity.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Article three

Date:11th November 2008
Title:Cosmetic surgery addict injected cooking oil into her own face
Link to article:*here*

In this article,it shows that a woman Hang Mioku went through the first plastic surgery in Japan.But soon after that,her face become enlarged and disfigured.Probably,this is due to the repetition of operation.

It is very sad to lose such a beautiful face.But,that is the way how it is.We have to accept everything.One of the surgeons that had operated her even said her obsession is a sign of psychological disorder.When she went back to Korea,her parents did not recognise as a result of the new look with the swollen face.So,they took her to see a doctor.

Hang had a possibility of mental disorder and was given treatment.From my opinion,If there are any kind people in the world then,at least they should try to donate their money to Hang for her to do treatment and the surgeon must have the will to operate her.As you all know,all surgeries are highly paid and It is very expensive especially for the cosmetic surgery.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of doing cosmetic surgery.The good side is our face may be beautiful but it is not for long.That face might be scarred and disfigured after another operation.It has a high possibility eventhough we want to be beautiful.

So in this case,she should do what the surgeon instructed.For example,taking silicone injects and syringe.But,not the cooking oil.It is different as it can make the face oily and do not look healthy.Anyway,in it is too much fats.

When Hang was operated again,her face size would be reduced.Well,who would want to have a big face forever?I think there is non.I hoped that there is enough support to give to Hang.You know,it is a pity.Other than treatment,Hang should take care of her own diet as she has to be healthy before being operated.

In Us,injection of silicon oil is not approved.For somehow,it is very dangerous.As a conclusion,treatment should be done although it might affect a little bit of health and income.Unfortunately,silicone oil injections can cause granulomas,inflammatory nidus,macrophage activity and migration.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Article two

Date:11th November 2008
Title:China offers therapy to 4 million internet addicts
Link to article:*here*

As you read based on the article,It was found that China is the first country in the world to recognise the internet addiction as a clinical disease.
This is mainly because the youths in China spent their time using the computer with the internet access to log in such as chatting,blogging and play any kinds of games.

People especially the youths is the most who got addicted by this which means they spend their time for more than 6 hours.Anyway,can you all imagine what would we be like after sitting in front of a computer for so long?

well,wouldn't that affect our eye sight?From what I know,in this case there would be so many consequences.For example,became addicted and then,health maybe easily affected involving our body diet.When we are busy chatting or watching movie through the internet,we tend to be full.I mean,not hungry.As a result,the mood to eat decreases.

In this article,a poll by interactive corp stated that 42% of the chinese youths became addicted to any website rather than the youths in Us,which is only about 18%.Mr Tan also said that 80% of the addicts can be cured during treatment which can only lasts for about 3 months.

My suggestions is the same just like in this article.For example,all the people who got addicted to the internet should be given counselling as they will be inform what are the bad and good effects of using internet.Basically,they got influenced that they used internet for more than 6 hours a day.

Of course,there would be entertainment when using the internet but people especially the youths should not misused it.Maybe they would either send spam or virus.It would be bad,right?Military discipline,hypnosis or give an elcetric shock for those who are stubborn if possible should be done in any ways.

Finally,my conclusion is that people should be aware of this kind of problem and should try to prevent it as much as possible.Even if there is,then those who got addicted will be given treatment in the hospital.

Article one

Date:11th November 2008
Title:Girl,13,rejects life-saving heart op
Link to article:*here*

From my point of view,I think this girl is sort of depressed as she had enough of staying in hospitals,taking medicine and do operation.Well,who would want to be stucked in hospitals forever?It is a sad incident to have such a heart disease,called as cardiomyopathy.

I felt pity for that girl since she wants to spend more time with their families including her siblings rather than doing heart transplant.She had no interest and then,rejected the operation.

For me,I suggested that she should not reject the heart transplant operation eventhough it would give bad or good effects to herself.But,look at the bright side!When she had already transplant her heart,it is possible that she might be alive for a while.At least,she can continue living as a normal person.

Eventually,this girl has to appreciate that her life has been saved because her parents insisted her to do so.Giving or doing operation is the best way I could think of saving someone's life.People should be aware and realise that.

However,if that heart transplant is a failure please do not blame people including ourselves.Maybe,it is destined which death have awaits us.It is possible,right? :)

The Gp debate

Last Monday on 10th november 2008,my colleagues and I went to the conference room to watch the debate between teachers.Their topic was "teachers never have fun".It was organised by the equinox club.Almost all the students came in especially those who are taking gp subject.It was also known as "the battle of the brains".

There were 3 adjudicators including the deputy principal and the student council.If I am not wrong,the debate lasted for about half an hour.Well,It was quite fun and interesting to listen the arguments between the teachers as we gain knowledge from it.However,when the speech is too long I really felt sleepy.hehehe(^_^)

The winner is the opposition(negative)team.They said that teachers do have fun!!so finally,they got their token of appreciation which is a nice pen in participating this debate.

Anyway,doing debate is very challenging enough as we have to talk more in order to gain more points.Don't you think?